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I have burned Lisa Kaye Candles in my home since September of 2020. I LOVE burning the candles in my home and using the cubes in my burners. The smell of my home and the duration the candles last does not compare to any other! These candles are all natural soy candles with no added color! They burn so beautifully! I have shared my private stash with my friends and family and neither can get enough of these candles either! I highly recommend buying Lisa Kaye Candles! Your home will thank you!

-Paige Lynn Schonewitz

Colorado Springs, CO


I  have bought quite a few candles from Lisa Kaye.. they smell  absolutely amazing!  I'm a big fan of the melts and was impressed by these candles. The scents were so refreshing and they lasted so long. They burned evenly the whole time! Can’t wait to place my next order!!! 


Gary  Swogger

-West Middlesex, PA

Lisa Kaye Candles. I recently bought a "emergency candle" from Lisa. I just got to try it out during the power outage last night. It was FANTASTIC !  It was clean burning and barely was touched in the 2+ hours we burned it. She’s local (Palmer Lake) and the smell (Holiday Bouquet) was very natural,  like a forest with cranberries. Her website is should anyone want to try a truly wonderful local business. And Lisa is a sweetheart (I thought customer service was dead!).

-Alice Brunette

Colorado Estates, CO