creating the finest candles 

Lisa Kaye White.png

In 2006 I found myself longing for a 100% natural soy candle, that was bright, long lasting, and extremely fragrant. Candle designers existed everywhere, however the problems that I encountered were that they did not meet all of my criteria.  They were either non-soy, dull, short lasting, or with minimal fragrance.  Nothing fit my parameters, which is what brought me here today.  A perfectly designed candle that has taken me years to perfect.  


Since I have perfected my soy candles (to a scientific level), I have expanded my collection tremendously, only creating the most breathtaking fragrances with all of the perfect attributes to coincide.


Living in scenic Colorado has inspired me to broaden my talents, and introduce them into a variety of surroundings.  Weddings, graduations, and many other formal and non-formal events are just a few examples.


I am certain that you will enjoy your Custom Handmade Candle.  I am confident that it will bring that same ambience into your home, business, or event as it has to mine.


Please feel free to reach out to me with comments or suggestions.  I am an adventurer at heart, and will certainly do all that I can to meet your needs, whether that means tailoring a scent, or discussing an upcoming event.