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    Emergency Candles 

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    ​Extremely strong polyethylene cylinder to hold either your One Pound (16 ounces) or Two Pound (32 ounces) when Emergency Strikes! Made without color or scent and with an extra long burn time (170 hours on larger size, 85 hour burn time on smaller size). Each candle includes strike matches inside the lid to have everything you need to ensure bright light when you need it the most!
    • 100% Fragrant Free Soy

    • No Soot

    • No Carcinogens 

    • No Toxins

    "I recently bought a candle from Lisa. I just got to try it out during the power outage last night. It was FANTASTIC !  It was clean burning and barely was touched in the 2+ hours we burned it."





    100% Handmade Soy Candle
    Fragrances that last longer
    No toxins carcinogens or choking soot!  No matter what scent you enjoy it will continue all the way done to the bottom. German made all natural, coreless, non-directional, flat braided wicks creates a much brighter and cleaner burning wick ensuring a soft glow for each and everyone of your candles experiences.
    Odor Eliminator Collection

    Ideas that work! Finally there’s a way to eat away those little odors in our homes caused by pets, cooking, and musky conditions that sprays can’t seem to contain and eliminate them. Got a smoker in the house? A must have for fighting smoke and give off a pleasant scent to satisfy most!
    Masculine Collection

    The Masculine Collection is made up of two types of Fragrance lines to choose from and they include:
    Woodsy, outdoorsy 

    fragrances that are made up of certain scent bases: floral, chypre, woody, citrus, fougere, leather, pine, patchouli, teakwood, woodland, and birch.
    Men's fragrances commonly rely on two of these bases, fougere, which has a mossy scent, leather, musk, tonka bean, bergamot, and blue sky accord.
    Both of these collections make up the Masculine line that brings out the best in both! 
    Spa Line Coming Soon!
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